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Stainless steel elbow production process and the use of advantages
Jan 20, 2018

Due to the material, stainless steel elbow has a very outstanding corrosion resistance, stainless steel thin and solid oxide film so that the elbow in the use of the process does not produce corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear, it enables the elbow structural components Permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design, at the same time apply to a variety of water quality.
At the same time, stainless steel elbow insulation heating is also very good, so especially suitable for use in hot water transport, play an important convergence effect. The stainless steel elbow also has the advantages of secure connection, convenient construction, good cleaning and environmental protection, small flow pressure loss, strong system compatibility, bright and dark installation, maintenance-free maintenance, superior economic function and wide application.
The raw material of the stainless steel elbow is a round tube, but the round tube is cut by a cutting machine to feed the blank with a length of about 1 meter to the furnace for heating; the billet is sent into the furnace for heating, which When the temperature is about 1200 degrees Celsius; round tube blank baked after the pressure piercing machine to form the required fittings.
Compared to other materials elbow, stainless steel elbow has excellent mechanical and physical function, can play an important role in different industries, to ensure the safety of water quality and non-polluting, but also to extend Elbow's life.
Stainless steel elbow can withstand the shock of the shock, the use of its connected with a watertight, no burst, fire, seismic and other characteristics, and therefore very safe and reliable; Suitable for hot and cold water, drinking water, heating, air conditioning, fire protection, Gas and other civil low-pressure fluid delivery, but also be used in the pharmaceutical, beverage, food, chemical and other industries of low-pressure fluid transport.

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