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Stainless steel elbow fitting has the characteristics of thermal insulation and corrosion resistance
Apr 24, 2018

Because the stainless steel elbow material has special properties and special input materials in the later period, it can achieve the effects of thermal insulation and corrosion resistance.


Under normal circumstances, cold bends and small diameter fittings are used more often, and hot bends are also referred to as turn bends. They are generally used in conjunction with large diameter fittings.


When the stainless steel elbow is bent, according to its action characteristics, the outer side is often stretched and the inner side is compressed, so the overall effect is that the outer thin inner side is thick. The performance of the pipe with a small inner diameter of the curved object is very prominent. However, in order to ensure the quality of the stainless steel elbows after bending, we often use different degrees of curvature for different internal diameters, which is what we often refer to as rational use of tube bending radii.


After many experiments proved that the bending radius of the stainless steel elbow will be selected according to the nominal diameter, we need to consider the size and thickness of the stainless steel elbow, and the filling of the tube and other factors.

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