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Single ear clamp installation and its application in the market
Apr 23, 2018

Single-ear clamps are also called monaural endless clamps. The term “polarless” means there are no protrusions or gaps in the inner ring of the clamp. The non-polar design achieves uniform force compression on the surface of the pipe and 360° seal protection.

Single ear clip installation instructions:

Single Ear Clamp Installation Tool:

Manual calipers for manual installation.

Pneumatic calipers are recommended. Pneumatic calipers solve the consistency and effectiveness of the process and method for installing the clips by customers. Through the quantitative distribution of clamping force and the complete consistency of the installation results, the quality and value of the customer application system are fully improved, especially for the requirements of mass production. .

Market application of single ear clips:

Automobiles, trains, ships, water supply systems, beer machines, coffee machines, beverage machines, medical equipment, petrochemical, etc. Pipeline equipment on the connection of soft and hard pipe, non-removable use environment.

The single-ear clamp is usually made of stainless steel 304, stainless steel 304, and has a large stamping ductility. Some low-end products can be processed using cold-rolled plates.

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