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Selection of straight pipe metal materials
Jan 06, 2019

Straight pipe fittings are widely used in many industries due to their own performance characteristics, especially in water supply, drainage, heating, gas supply, long-distance transportation of oil and gas, agricultural irrigation, hydraulic engineering and various industrial installations. very common.


Straight pipe fittings should follow the following principles when selecting metal materials:


The first is that the requirements of the operating conditions should be met. That is to say, according to the actual application conditions, it is judged whether the straight pipe fitting can withstand the pressure and which type of pressure pipe belongs to. Different types of pressure pipes have different degrees of importance due to their different accidents, and the requirements for materials are different. At the same time, the environment in which the pipe is used and the medium to be transported and the degree of corrosion of the pipe to the pipe body should be considered.


Followed by the processability requirements of straight pipe materials. The material should have good overall processing properties.


At the same time, the selection of straight pipe materials should also meet the requirements of durability and economy. Before investing in materials, feasibility study and analysis can be carried out to compare the materials to determine the suitable

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