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Selection of material and size of stainless steel tee
Feb 03, 2019

In the actual work, the selection of the material and size of the stainless steel tee is a basic problem in the installation of the welding meter. To be reasonable, there are many aspects to consider, and many complex issues are involved, which is directly related to the technical level of the stainless steel tee designer. When selecting the material of the pipe, the material suitable for the fluid in the pipe should be selected.


Under normal circumstances, when selecting the specific material of the stainless steel tee, it is necessary to consider not only the fluid in the tube at a certain temperature, the static state under a certain pressure, or the flow state of the fluid at normal operating temperature and pressure, but also Consider intermediate and changing states. At the same time, the fluid is not pure and contains all kinds of impure components, which will bring about chemical and mechanical compound erosion. In addition, it is necessary to consider the effects of various components and humidity in the external airflow.


In addition, in determining the diameter and wall thickness dimensions of the stainless steel tee, various conditions need to be considered to select the most appropriate diameter and wall thickness dimensions. In addition, when selecting and determining the material and wall thickness of the pipe, it is also necessary to consider economics, marketability and

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