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Screw feeder working mode
Sep 20, 2018

The screw feeder of the screw feeder is easy to disassemble, which helps to clean the hopper, and is also equipped with a self-mixing slurry, which can easily solve the agglomeration and bridging phenomenon of poor fluidity. The screw, hopper and mixing paddle of the screw feeder are made of food grade stainless steel.


In practical applications, the screw feeder includes two working modes, the first one is quantitative addition, that is, the amount of addition is automatically controlled according to the amount of addition set by the operator, usually placed on the batching scale; the other is It is a follow-up addition. This kind of working condition requires a solid flow meter at the inlet of the total powder auger. The flow meter dynamically measures the flour flow and feeds it back to the twin-screw feeder. As the flow rate of the main material changes, the feeder dynamically changes the amount of addition according to the required ratio, and precisely ensures the set addition ratio.


For the user, the screw feeder feeds are uniform, precise, and self-cleaning, and can also accurately feed materials with poor fluidity. Under normal circumstances, the screw feeder runs smoothly and has low noise.

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