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Screw feeder application range and specifications
Oct 06, 2018

Compared with other feeding devices, the screw feeder has the characteristics of high working efficiency, stable and reliable performance, simple structure, complete functions, good sealing performance, low noise and beautiful appearance. In the production, the screw feeder adopts advanced transmission technology such as shaft-mounted reducer and fluid coupling, head wheel rubber coating, one-time stamping forming bucket, or high-strength plastic bucket, and the barrel is connected by peri-edge undercut. Craft production.


In addition, special protection devices such as explosion-proof motors, belt anti-deviation and stall switches make the use of screw feeders more widely. At present, the device has been widely used in various industrial sectors, such as building materials, electric power, chemical, metallurgy, coal, aluminum-magnesium, machinery, light industry, food and food industries, as a horizontal or less than 20 ° inclination, conveying powder, Granular and small block materials, such as cement, coal powder, grain, fertilizer, ash, sand, etc.


According to the different requirements of the user, the screw feeder of the corresponding specification can be selected. The diameter of the machine ranges from 200mm to 500mm, and the length ranges from 4m to 70m. Every 0.5m, the standard is selected. The nominal length, special needs can be raised separately in the optional section.

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