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Routine maintenance and common troubleshooting of Pneumatic stretching machines
Jan 08, 2019

Pneumatic stretching machines are one of the commonly used stretching machines. During long-term use, users need to standardize operating procedures and strengthen daily maintenance and maintenance. First of all, the drainage filter should be drained during each shift to check the lubrication of the sliding guide; check whether there is any foreign matter jam in the machine running range. Also keep the surface of the machine clean.


Under normal circumstances, you should maintain a weekly lubrication treatment of the Pneumatic stretching machines and add lubricant in time. It is also required to pay attention to check the condition of the mechanical parts and keep it tight.


If abnormal problems are found, they should be repaired in time. For example, it may be encountered that during the operation of the pneumatic stretching machine, the chuck clamp does not tightly mesh, and at this time, it should pay attention to adjusting the screw above the chuck; replace the rubber pressure strip. Another common problem is that the collet expansion and contraction is inconsistent. At this time, the flow valve needs to be adjusted to make the intake air amount consistent; the piston rod is too dusty to be cleaned and lubricated; the oil mister has no oil or dripping

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