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production requirements and application fileds of prefabricated pipe
Aug 17, 2017

The use of prefabricated pipes is very wide, such as in brewing, grain processing, pneumatic conveying, positive pressure conveying powder material, gravity transportation and other fields. The design of prefabricated pipe is very rational and uses sophisticated materials, with precise production etc..
We use powder the surface in the process of manufacturing of prefabricated pipe, to make it artistic and durable. We use prefabricated flange, in the process of installation is very convenient and good sealing performance. Greatly improve economic efficiency.


adjustable elbow joint

According to the customers needs, in the process of manufacturing the pipe, we can put ultra high abrasion resistant lining in the pipeline for extra durability, use for large grain conveying pipe specifications, our company provides complete and convenient installation with good interchangeability, to some extent can effectively improve the speed of installation.
Prefabricated pipe wall belongs to the series of wear-resistant treatment new technology, technology belongs to the processing products such as grain and oil machinery, mainly used in pipe wall wear treatment of prefabricated conveying of raw material in use, its main features include the VHMW-PE or wear resistant rubber sheet and non-toxic, cut along the spiral line or flat drum.
The entire production of prefabricated pipe has the advantages of simple process and short process, and less equipment and tools are needed, the wear resistance increased 6 ~ 7 times, the product has lower noise nearly halved in the use of non-toxic harmless, can reduce equipment maintenance, improve the working environment.

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Address: Yangjian Town, Xishan District, Wuxi city, jiangsu, china.

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