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Precautions when connecting galvanized clamps
Jun 15, 2018

In the actual application process, there are many factors affecting the installation quality of galvanized clamps. On the one hand, it is the quality of the clamps themselves. Therefore, they need to be inspected before installation, and galvanized clamps are not allowed to have air holes, blisters, shrinkage holes. Cracks and other defects.


On the other hand, it is related to the installation of galvanized clamp fittings. For example, the material and performance of the seal ring must meet the requirements. There must be no air bubbles, impurities, cracks, uneven indentations on the sealing surface, and the aging rubber ring must not be used. The moving distance of the snap ring in the clamp is theoretically half of the expansion amount of the joint, and the actual amount must be measured. If it is not reached, the amount of expansion and contraction of the pipe cannot be satisfied.


In order to promote the sealing effect, before and after leaving the factory, the galvanized clamps are used to support the left and right end pipes. In actual projects, it is not advisable to replace the end pipes with ordinary pipes, and the perpendicularity of the end face of the end pipes and the axis and the flatness of the end face have certain requirements. If not standard, the amount of expansion and contraction of the joint is greatly reduced, and the use requirement cannot be satisfied.


In the real installation, it is necessary to control the distance between the galvanized clamp ring and the end tube. The control of this distance should be combined with the instructions. When the gap between the two tube ends is the minimum, it must be ensured that the snap ring just touches the slope. When the position of the snap ring is determined, the size of the gap between the two pipe ends is determined by calculation based on the elongation rate of the pipe and the ambient temperature during construction.


During construction, the dimensional deviation should be ensured. Because the distance between the galvanized clamp and the end pipe is fixed, the height and width of the weld and the perpendicularity of the plane of the snap ring and the end of the pipe are greater, and the expansion and contraction of the joint is greater. The smaller, the worse the effect.


The spatter impurities in the welding of the end pipe and the snap ring affect the sealing of the end pipe, so the welding dross on the sealing surface must be removed before the installation of the galvanized clamp to ensure the sealing effect, so that the installation quality of the galvanized clamp can also achieve corresponding The standard.

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