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Powder diverter valve structure and installation
Jun 25, 2018

Powder diverter valve as a kind of valve, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, power station, metallurgy, paper, light industry and other fields, as a pipe cutting and regulating mechanism, suitable for gas, liquid and other media, with a short switching time , Flow resistance and other advantages.


Most of the powder diverter valve is a double-eccentric structure. The valve body sealing surface is surfacing with hard alloy. The seal ring is made of stainless steel and graphite asbestos. The elasticity is good and the operating temperature is high. The sealing structure adopts a cone-shaped structure, and the entire sealing ring is pressed tightly when closed to form an elastic deformation so that the valve can be sealed.


Through the rotation of the drive mechanism, the entire powder diverter valve rotates the valve stem, butterfly plate, and seal ring within 0-90° to open and close the valve. When it is not required to use, the diameter of the two-way valve of the powder should be blocked at both ends and stored in a dry, ventilated room. If it is stored for a long time, it should be checked regularly.


Before the powder diverter valve is installed, the valve should be cleaned to eliminate the defects caused during the transportation; the marks on the valve must be calibrated during installation, and the flow direction of the medium should be particularly consistent with the flow direction marked on the valve; meanwhile, attention should be paid to the access. The power supply voltage must be the same as in the manual of the electric device.


The fasteners in the powder diverter valve should be tightened, and the appropriate amount of filler should be added. The daily use should be paid attention to the sealing state of the valve body and disc plate of the powder diverter valve, and whether the sealing surface is complete. If there is dirt or damage, it should be promptly cleaned and deal with.


Only when we properly use and scientifically and reasonably maintain the powder diverter valve, can we achieve ideal results in its use, the service life of the valve can be extended, and the entire pipeline can always maintain a good working condition to avoid leakage.

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