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Possible reasons and treatment methods for straight pipe blocking
Nov 23, 2018

It is more troublesome to deal with the problem of pipe blocking in straight pipes. It is recommended to take precautionary measures against pipe plugging routines to reduce the possibility of pipe plugging. First of all, the quality of concrete should be strictly controlled, and the poor workability of concrete is the main cause of blockage, so it should be controlled and prevented.


Followed by the use of straight pipe, the pipe or the joint leaks, resulting in pressure drop or pressure relief during the conveying operation, the bending radius of the pipe is too small, the pipe does not cause the groove, misalignment. Before pumping, according to the amount to be used, the pump pipe should be lubricated with a corresponding amount of pipetting agent.


In addition, there are equipment and operational reasons, such as unreasonable hydraulic system parameter settings, long waiting time or long downtime may lead to straight pipe blocking. After the blockage occurs, the anti-pump dredging is performed first. If the anti-pump dredging is invalid, the blocked part should be immediately determined, and the pipeline should be shut down. Once the blockage is found, the positive and negative pumps are used, and the place is knocked out with a wooden hammer. Sometimes it can be restored smoothly. Without any effect, the pipe is immediately disassembled for cleaning.

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