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Positive pressure airlock operating procedures
Jul 31, 2018

The positive pressure airlock device is usually installed at the entrance and exit of the clean room, and the device belongs to the outdoor space, or is a buffer room provided by the adjacent room pollution airflow and differential pressure control. For the clean room door where the personnel cleaning requirements are not high, a positive pressure air lock chamber can be used instead of the air shower room. Due to the positive pressure in the room, the jet of the air curtain will spread to the low pressure area of the doorway, which is a very flexible device.


In operation, we need to follow certain regulatory standards. First of all, it should be noted that the positive side air brake chamber double side door switch is tight and the UV lamp is normal. The second is to close the inside door and remove the material from the outsourced intake lock chamber. Turn on the UV light button switch, turn off the UV lamp after 30 minutes of UV irradiation, notify the material use personnel to open the door on the inside, take out the material, and close the inside door.


When removing the material, close the outer door of the positive pressure air lock chamber, feed the material or waste, close the inner door, clear the material or waste, and close the outer door. Note that the double side door of the air lock chamber cannot be opened at the same time, and should be cleaned and disinfected in time after use.

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