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Pipe tee type, application and processing technology
Mar 24, 2018

The introduction of the three types of pipe tee:


The types of three-way pipe fittings in the market are quite diverse, and the classification methods are not the same. If they are divided according to the pipe diameters, they can be divided into three links with the same diameter (three links with the same pipe diameter as the supervisor and branch pipe) and Three-way diameter (branch diameter smaller than the diameter of the main pipe).


If they are divided by docking, they can be mainly divided into four types:

1. Butt type three-way pipe is a three-way pipe that is welded after connecting with connecting pipe.

2. Socket-type three-way pipe is a three-way pipe fitting that is welded or welded after the connecting pipe is inserted into each end of the three-way pipe;

3, card sleeve type three-way, that is, the end is a card sleeve joint, insert the pipe fittings and then fasten the three-way pipe fittings;

4. Threaded three-way pipe fittings with three-way pipe fittings.


If it is divided according to its production materials, then the main three-way pipe can be divided into stainless steel tee, carbon steel tee, copper tee, pvc tee, ductile iron tee and so on. And if it is classified according to the branch, then it can be divided into positive three-way and oblique three-way.


The main application of two and three-way pipe tee:


The application of three-way pipe fittings has become more and more extensive. Because it is relatively simple to use, it has long been widely used in chemical, civil construction, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and other fields. It is mainly used in places where pipelines are branched.


Three, three-way pipe fittings processing technology:


The tee fitting is a type of fitting used at the branch of the pipe. For example, the more popular method of manufacturing three-way pipe fittings using seamless pipes, the commonly used machining processes are hydraulic bulging and hot-press forming.

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