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Pipe elbow features
Apr 17, 2018

Hydraulic pipe fittings are very widely used in various aspects. Different types of hydraulic pipe fittings have great differences in their use because of their own advantages. Therefore, when choosing, we must choose the right pipe fittings. The use of the advantages of pipe joints. This is also what we must know now. At present, there are many types of pipe joints, such as: welded pipe fittings, pipe fittings, flared pipe fittings, crimping pipe fittings, quick pipe fittings, etc. The introduction of the characteristics of the type of pipe fittings, as well as the introduction of various aspects of use:


Welded joints


It is firmly connected and sealed with a spherical surface. It is simple and reliable. 2 welding process must ensure quality, must use thick-walled steel pipe, assembly and disassembly inconvenience.


2. Card sleeve type pipe joint


The sleeve is clamped by the sleeve to seal it. The axial dimension is not strict and the assembly and disassembly are easy. 2 The requirements for radial dimension accuracy are relatively high. For this purpose, cold drawn seamless steel tubes are used.


3. Flaring type pipe joints


The flaring at the end of the tubing is sealed under the compression of the jacket, and the structure is simple. 2 It is suitable for the connection of low-pressure pipes such as copper pipes, thin-walled steel pipes, nylon pipes and plastic pipes.


4. Buckling type pipe fittings


Its feature is: used to connect high pressure hoses.


5. Quick connector


No need to use tools, can achieve rapid communication or disconnection of the pipeline. 2 is divided into two types of open and close at both ends and two open ends. 3 Terms of use Pipe systems that require frequent assembly and disassembly.

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