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Performance characteristics of pneumatic double road valve
Mar 28, 2018

The pneumatic dual valve is driven by pneumatic drive, and the driving coil is usually a single double loop. Its position output belongs to the dry contact opening and closing. The pneumatic two-way valve is mainly used in flour factory, food factory, chemical plant, feed mill, rice mill to flour, bran, rice, starch, sugar, grain, feed, chemical products, plastic powder or fine particles in pneumatic conveying system.


General knowledge of pneumatic dual valve products:


From the perspective of current application, pneumatic two-way valve is mainly used for pneumatic conveying system to transfer direction of powdery material or fine grainy material in switching pipeline, so that a material can be transferred to different locations under the condition of wind conveying material. In the implementation of the project, users can flexibly combine them in pneumatic and pneumatic conveying system according to process design requirements, and send one material to many different locations. The installation method is more flexible and can be adjusted according to the field environment.


Because of the use of pneumatic conveying method to solve the problem of material residue in the pipeline, it has been loved by many users. The pneumatic dual valve can be used in the pneumatic conveying system of different industries at the same time to meet the requirements of transportation.


The application features of pneumatic dual valve products are introduced.


The pneumatic dual valve is stable and reliable, and has high efficiency, reliability and accuracy. It is easy to install and safe. It has been widely applied in various industries.


At the same time, the advanced signal transmission switch is also configured to ensure the accuracy of the signal in the system, so as to ensure the smooth pneumatic dual valve. Not only that, the valve of the pneumatic double valve is made of QT600-3 ductile iron or 304 stainless steel, and is cast at a single time after failure. The casting shell is made of cast aluminum, which is light in weight and easy to install and maintain.

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