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Pairing of stainless steel elbows, preparation of welding process
Sep 13, 2018

In order to ensure the pairing and welding quality of the stainless steel elbow, a detailed construction process is required before installation. First of all, in order to ensure the quality of construction, strict technical discipline must be applied. From the picking and feeding, to the pipeline, the pairing of pipe fittings, spot welding, welding and other processes must be operated by a special person and responsible for the quality of the process. At the same time, fill in the self-inspection record and sign the approval by professional quality inspection before transferring to the next process. .


Next, prepare for construction, including machine preparation, staffing, process preparation and material preparation. In the construction of stainless steel elbows, the process requirements are strict and the quality requirements are high. Therefore, the welder must be trained in welding technology before welding, and obtain the welding certificate of the corresponding project before they can be certified; the installation and plumber must also go through the large-diameter stainless steel pipe installation process training to understand the process characteristics, proficient in operating procedures and specifications. Only then can you be employed.


Before construction, it should be confirmed that the material is sufficient and can meet the progress requirements. Before construction, it is necessary to fully grasp the construction drawings of the stainless steel elbows, detail the production parts, understand the design intent, and make detailed technical explanations to the operators.

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