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Overloading capacity of Vibro-Discharger and its application scope
Jan 03, 2018

At the bottom of the bin, the Vibro-Discharger is mainly used for unloading the bottom of powdery materials such as flour, chemical industry, medicine, feed and the like. The whole equipment is mainly driven by vibration motor, which drives the discharge hopper to vibrate at high frequency, Discharge hopper in the center, with a conical discharge tray, to promote the material slowly and evenly out from the outlet warehouse, and to prevent the role of the warehouse knot material arch, is an ideal warehouse unloading equipment.


The bottom of the Vibro-Discharger is effectively used by the principle of its planet rotation, the effective input and output in the same axis, in use and the motor is connected with one of the unique characteristics of the straight, so compact and attractive appearance and novelty, volume Small, light weight.


Vibro bin discharger operation is very reliable and stable, the whole device is low noise, less failure and long service life, etc., ductile parts with ductile iron and bearing steel, etc .. Use of good performance, high wear resistance, bearings, Tooth box, away from the valve body, to avoid the impact of high temperature dust, front and rear end cap sealing performance, prevent dust leakage, extend the life of mobile parts, lubrication systems.


Bottom vibrating discharger with overload ability, when used in the impact of the moment of inertia is small, very useful when used for starting frequently and anyway. Users for special specifications, motor, sprocket drive and other unloaders, Can be made.

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