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Overall design characteristics of the screw feeder
Jan 10, 2019

Compared to other similar conveying equipment, the screw feeder has many unique advantages, mainly due to its excellent structural design. First of all, the screw feeder drive end bearing and the tail bearing are placed outside the trough housing to reduce the influence of dust on the bearing and improve the service life of the key components. Moreover, the bearing in the middle of the equipment is a sliding bearing and a dustproof sealing device is provided.


At the same time, the screw feeder has strong adaptability and can meet the requirements of different users. The machine is mainly composed of driving device, head section, intermediate section, tail section, head and tail bearing, feeding and discharging device, etc. If conditions permit, it is better to place the driving device on the discharging end, because of the driving device and discharging. The mouth is more reasonable in the head section (with thrust bearing assembly), so that the screw can be pulled. Each part of the head section, the middle section, and the tail section has several different lengths.


It should be noted that, in the structural design, the order of arrangement of the spiral sections of the screw feeder is suggested to be arranged according to the length of the spiral section and the principle of arranging the spiral joints of the same specification. Start, proceed sequentially. In the overall arrangement of the screw feeder, care should be taken not to arrange the base and the discharge port at the flange of the casing joint, and the feed port should not be placed above the suspension

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