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Operation advantages and constituent elements of the air fan
Sep 23, 2017

The positive pressure air seal machinery is used as a feeding device for the pneumatic pressure feeding system. During use, the material can be continuously or uninterruptedly forced to feed in the positive pressure state. The characteristics of airflow can be used in the use of fur bran, starch, grain, flour, feed, sugar, chemical Products and other materials of the positive pressure conveyor system for the feeder.

air blower is not suitable for use the relatively large adhesion of the material in the operation. The left and right sides of the lower part of the bearing block will be set up and connected to the lower part of the chassis will be set U-shaped axial discharge Trough, the material can only be sent away from the side.

The working part of the air fanis mainly composed of the cabinet, the impeller and the left and right bearing seat. The shell is the main body of the equipment, the upper part is the inlet and the middle cylinder is matched with the outer diameter of the impeller. There is U-shaped axial groove in the lower part. And the impeller is composed of the shaft and blade composition. With the left and right bearing support, it will be divided into several chamber in the casing.

The flange of the left and right bearing of the positive pressure air seal machinery shutters is tightly fitted with the both ends of the casing barrel, fastened to the casing with bolts, and the lower part is provided with an axial passageway, which is connected with the U-shaped groove of the casing and the pneumatic conveying pipeline is connected with outside.


pneumatic conveyor

When the material is fed from the upper part of the feed inlet into the blade space, it will enter the material into the cavity of the casing through the non-stop rotation of the impeller, and feed the U-shaped groove. Then it will be blown away by air. But the import of materials is basically at constant pressure, and the air in the pneumatic conveying pipeline is  positive pressure. Therefore, there is a great pressure, which affects the material get into and cause the dust leakage. So, it is necessary to minimize leakage.

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