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New structural design of tee pipe
Oct 04, 2018

Metal tee pipe products can be designed in different shapes and choose different connections in the application. According to the connection method, it can be divided into two types: a snap type and a thread type, and the shape can be divided into a T-shaped type and a herring type. The three-way pipe adopts a utility model structure design, which simplifies the pipeline setting and saves the amount of pipeline components.


Moreover, it also provides convenience for the operation, especially for the shunt maintenance of the tee pipe and the phased supply of each branch, which reduces the trouble. The pipeline of the metal material has a main pipe and a branch pipe which is perpendicular to the main pipe on the main pipe side and is connected with the main pipe, and a valve is arranged at a corner of the intersection of the main pipe outlet direction and the branch pipe outlet direction, and a circular valve piece is arranged on the valve, and the valve piece is The lumen closed state is a structure that is sealed to the inner wall of the lumen.


In addition to the functions of traditional products, this new type of tee pipe can also function as a double-position valve, that is, one of the main and branch pipe outputs can be arbitrarily selected to be closed and the other is unobstructed. The product can also arbitrarily adjust the flow ratio of the main pipe to the branch pipe output, as long as the angle of the valve plate in the lumen is adjusted.

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