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New production process of stainless steel elbow with carbon steel
May 04, 2018

At present, the technology of medium frequency induction heating has been widely used in the production process of carbon steel welding elbow. This is a new process of high efficiency and energy saving.

When a large diameter pipe bend is pushed, it is often necessary to add an insulation sensor in the steel tube diameter forming zone to prevent the steel pipe from being blocked due to the cooling and contraction of the ambient temperature. The heating sensor and the heat insulation sensor are combined to form a composite sensor for heating and heating during pre-heating and changing paths. This kind of combined sensor is not only necessary in the production of large diameter pipe bend, but also is very effective in the production process of stainless steel elbow. However, this sensor is difficult to design and impedance matching and power distribution adjustment.

In addition, in the production process, at the beginning of the push production system of heating of mandrel also have specific operational difficulties, especially for large diameter used in the production of the elbow push system of heating of large diameter mandrel is more difficult.

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