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Mill Diverter Valve inspection focus
Jan 10, 2018

First of all, let's look at the main function of the Mill Diverter Valve. In practice, the Mill Diverter Valve can be used to supply the same actuator with the same flow rate from the same oil source in the hydraulic system, ie equal flow, or Is in accordance with a certain percentage of the two actuators to supply traffic, the proportion of diversion, in order to achieve the speed of the two actuators to maintain synchronization or proportional relationship.

Because of this, Mill Diverter Valve can work accurately and stably, it will have a very important meaning for the normal operation of the process plant and the safety of the entire system. Therefore, in daily work, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of pneumatic control valve. So, in the maintenance process, which parts should focus on the inspection it? This includes the examination of the inner wall of the body.

This is because in practical applications, especially the existence of a significant abnormal pressure differential, or with a corrosive media in the workplace, Mill Diverter Valve body wall, the valve diaphragm may be subject to the media Impact and corrosion after a certain change, so users need to focus on inspection of pressure corrosion. At the same time also pay attention to check the valve seat is good. This is because during use, due to the influence of the working medium, the inner surface of the screw thread for fixing the valve seat may be loosened due to corrosion.

In addition to these contents above, but also pay attention to regularly check Mill Diverter Valve spool situation. Under normal circumstances, the spool is also relatively susceptible to erosion of the media, so check the spool carefully check whether the various parts of the corrosion, wear and tear.

Especially when the pressure difference is large, it is more likely to cause the wear of the 2-way splitter valve plug. Therefore, during use, be sure to timely view, and promptly replace the damaged valve spool. In addition, pay attention to check the 2-way shunt valve seal packing and actuator in the aging of the rubber film.

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