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Method of installing stainless steel tee
Aug 04, 2018

The installation method of the Stainless steel side open fork diverter must first check whether the water pipe and the connecting fittings are damaged or cracked before installing the sewer pipe. When installing the sewer pipe, the thickness of the wall tile should be considered in advance, under the wall and the ground. Use as little or as little as possible to connect the fittings, which will reduce the risk of leakage, and the installation of the connecting parts should be firm and leak-free. When designing the sewer pipe, consider the installation position of the faucet of the washing machine in the home, the layout of the water, etc., and also pay attention to the position of the power socket.


Precautions for stainless steel tees The water pipes in the bathroom are basically from the roof, because this can reduce the chance of man-made damage, and must be parallel at the interface of the hot and cold pipes and the exit, usually the heat pipe is left, cold The tube is on the right. In the design, the entire pipeline should be avoided as much as possible. It should be transported away from the circuit as much as possible. The position and slope of the pipe clamp should also meet the requirements. Each valve should be installed flat for future use and maintenance.


When installing the hot water pipe, the stainless steel tee pipe needs to pay attention to distinguish the water inlet and the water outlet of the water heater. Connect the main valve at the water inlet and the pipe to the bathroom at the water outlet. Open the valve after installation. Determine if there is any water leakage, then install the faucet shower head in the bathroom. The bathroom is the darkest and most prone to moisture in the entire family, so ventilation is especially critical.

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