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Mandrel hot push stainless steel elbow and process requirements
Aug 23, 2018

The formation of stainless steel elbows in the process of production is formed by many processes, and what aspects of the process need to be paid attention to during the formation process.

Mandrel hot push elbow

The hot push elbow forming process adopts a special elbow pushing machine, a core mold and a heating device, so that the blank placed on the mold moves forward under the push of the pusher, is heated, expanded and bent during the movement. The process of forming. The deformation characteristic of the hot push elbow is to determine the diameter of the tube blank according to the law of the volume change of the metal material before and after plastic deformation. The diameter of the tube blank used is smaller than the diameter of the elbow, and the deformation process of the billet is controlled by the core mold to compress the inner arc. The flow of the metal compensates for other portions that are thinned by the expansion of the diameter, thereby obtaining an elbow having a uniform wall thickness.

The hot-bending elbow forming process has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, uniform wall thickness and continuous operation, and is suitable for mass production. Therefore, it is the main forming method for carbon steel and alloy steel elbows, and is also applied to some specifications of stainless steel elbows. Forming.

2. Stainless steel elbow stamping forming elbow is the earliest forming process for mass production of seamless elbows. It has been replaced by hot pushing or other forming processes in the elbow production of elbow manufacturers' common specifications, but in some The elbows of the specifications are still used when the wall thickness is too thick or too thin or the product has special requirements.


The stamping of the elbow is performed by using a tube blank equal to the outer diameter of the elbow, and is directly press-formed in the mold using a press. Before the stamping, the tube blank is placed on the lower mold, the inner core and the end mold are loaded into the tube blank, the upper mold is moved downward to start pressing, and the elbow is formed by the constraint of the outer mold and the support of the inner mold.

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