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Main performance characteristics of screw conveyor
Jul 30, 2018

As a machine for material conveying, the screw conveyor can realize horizontal, inclined or vertical conveying, and has the advantages of simple structure, small cross-sectional area, good sealing performance, convenient operation, easy maintenance and convenient closed transportation. Moreover, the structure of the screw conveyor is relatively simple and the cost is low.


In practical applications, the auger can maintain stable and reliable work loading when conveying materials, which is convenient for user operation and management. The device is compact in size, small in cross-section and small in footprint. Moreover, it can realize sealed transportation, which is conducive to conveying easy-to-fly, hot and irritating materials, reducing environmental pollution and improving the working conditions of port workers.


For the user, the use of the auger makes the loading and unloading work simple and convenient, and it can be transported in reverse, and also allows one conveyor to simultaneously convey materials in two directions, that is, toward the center or away from the center. The screw conveyor is made of steel and is currently a kind of conveying equipment widely used in minerals, feed, grain and oil, and construction industry.

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