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Is it necessary to use bucket in the process of powder conveying, how do we get its price
Sep 26, 2017

Do we use diverter in the process of flour conveying in a flour mill?

In the flour mill, if we need to transport the flour, we will be using the diverter The purpose of bucket is to switch to the pipe that flour goes to. If the there are more directions that the flour needs to go to, then we need use bucket to do the switch, in order to let the flour goes to the right place.

Among the manual bucket, electronic bucket and pneumatic bucket, are they all the same? Or do they have any difference?


Flour Mill Diverter Valve

There are 3 common types of diverter, manual, electronic and pneumatic diverter. They are same in the way of the utility and basic design, they all included the bucket body, the door, the switch, and the rod. The only and main difference is transmission mechanism

How do we get the price of the bucket

if buyers want to know the price, then, is through some effective ways to get, such as call the manufacturers, or browse the manufacturer's official website or some industry website,also can achieve the purpose.

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Address: Yangjian Town, Xishan District, Wuxi city, jiangsu, china.

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