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Introduction to pipe clamp installation steps
Oct 13, 2018

Depending on the application, the pipe clamps need to be assembled in different positions. For example, when assembling on a welding plate, in order to better determine the direction of the clamp, mark it at the fixed position before assembly, weld it after welding, insert the lower part of the pipe body, and put it on the fixed part. tube. Then put the other half of the tube body and cover and tighten with screws.


When the pipe clamp is assembled on the guide rail, the guide rail can be welded to the foundation, or can be fixed by screws, then the guide nut is pushed into the rail, and rotated 90 degrees, the lower half of the pipe body is embedded in the nut, and the need is placed on the rail. Fix the tube, then put the upper half of the tube body and cover, and fix it with screws.


If it is a stacking assembly, the rail can be fixed by welding, or it can be fixed by screws. First, install the upper and lower half of the tube body, put the tube to be fixed and put the upper half of the tube body, and fix it with screws. It is prevented from rotating by the lock plate. Then install the second pipe clamp in the same way as above. When assembling the elbow, it should be fixed directly at the front and rear of the elbow with a pipe clamp.

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