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Installation Technology of Gate
Jul 20, 2017

Before the installation of the gate, first check whether the bolts in the contact area due to the transport and handling of loose, if the loosening should be strong.
1. Check whether there is any dislocation of the water surface on the link between the main frame and the horizontal frame, and if there is any dislocation, the loosening of the connecting bolt will adjust the surface of the water to the same plane.
2. The installation of the gate should be installed in a whole, prohibit the installation of brake frame and brake board, and prevent the brake from deforming.
3. Two stage before pouring the gate overall hoisting in place, after the correct position, and then adjust the bolt and the project with steel bar welding, and then use Feeler to detect the gaps in the water at the same time the clearance of more than 0.3mm with high-speed bolts to ensure that the gap between the water surface in the 0. After 3mm, and then the gate behind the water on both sides of the door groove with metal or wooden rod support, to prevent pouring squeeze, resulting in the door groove to the inner chuck door. Finally, two stage casting can be carried out.
4. Gate before the factory, in order to make the brake board, the brake frame affixed more tightly, after installation to reduce the gap of more than 2 meters above the gate in the upper and lower horizontal box installed on the platen of iron. Note that after the clearance adjustment until two times pouring concrete solidification, remove the upper and lower transverse frame plate clamping iron, so that gate opening and closing.
5. In pouring concrete, the flow into the gate, brake frame, oblique iron, baffle clearance in the mortar should be cleared to prevent mortar solidification after the impact of gate opening and closing.

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