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Hygienic safety of wye pipe fittings
Aug 30, 2018

Y-shaped pipe fittings are generally suitable for pipeline systems in the petroleum, natural gas, aerospace, marine, chemical, hydropower, fire, construction and boiler industries when operating. Y-shaped pipe fittings not only have good pressure resistance, but also need other excellent characteristics in different piping systems. In high-pressure elbows in concrete conveying pipelines and mud conveying pipelines, not only can they withstand high pipeline pressure, but also Has good wear resistance. In addition to high pipeline pressure, the high-pressure elbow in the chemical raw material pipeline system also has excellent corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance.


The hygienic safety of Y-shaped pipe fittings has eliminated secondary pollution to a certain extent, and has no adverse effects on human health. Its sanitary indicators strictly enforce national standards, good mechanical properties: impact resistance, bending 10° (curvature radius is outside 8 times the diameter), the 3/4 steel pipe pressed to the outer diameter is not separated from the inner lining plastic pipe.


Y-shaped pipe joint bonding strength, its lining plastic environmental steel-plastic composite pipe uses special hot-melt adhesive, the bonding strength after compounding is far greater than the bonding strength specified by industry standards. Sealing performance: When connecting pipe and pipe fittings, except for threading Sealant or tetrafluoroethylene raw material tape is sealed, the end face of the pipe and the rubber pad inside the plastic pipe fitting are sealed again to completely separate the metal from water.

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