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How to Prevent Surface Defects in Stainless Steel Tees
May 21, 2018

The stainless steel tee joint extrusion method adopts the emulsion as the liquid-filling medium originality to meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. The three-way joint that is extruded through this product is easy to clean, and the liquid-filled medium emulsion can be reused. Stainless steel metal tees and the environment will cause pollution. In addition, the present invention uniquely pre-wraps a layer of plastic film on the stainless steel tube blank, effectively preventing defects on the surface of the formed three-way joint, and significantly improving the processing quality of the three-way joint.

Stainless steel tee joint extrusion method, including:

1) Prepare a stainless steel tube blank with a plastic film on the surface;

2) The stainless steel tube blank of the product is extruded to obtain a three-way joint semi-finished product, wherein the liquid filling medium in the tube liquid filling system is an emulsion prepared by emulsified oil and water;

3) Solution solution, surface grinding and bevel processing of the product's three-way joint semi-finished products.

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