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How to classify steel tube according to cross-section or profile?
Jul 20, 2017

Sectional Shape of steel tube:
The cross-section shape of steel pipe can be divided into round pipe and abnormity pipe. The special-shaped tube refers to a variety of non-circular cross-section of steel pipe, including the wall thickness and unequal wall thickness. The special-shaped pipe with the same wall thickness is a non-circular circular cross-section with the same shape in the inner and outer contour of the Annular cross section; The most of the special-shaped tubes with thick wall are produced by cold drawing and special shaped pipe production line. The special-shaped pipe with unequal wall thickness is produced by extrusion or cold drawing.

Special-shaped tube mainly include: square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, flat oval tube, semicircular tube, hexagonal tube and equilateral tube and so on.

Steel tube According to the shape of profile:
The profile of steel pipe can be divided into steel pipe and variable section steel pipe. The variable cross-section steel pipe refers to a steel pipe which has periodical or aperiodic variation along the section shape, inner and outer diameter and wall thickness of the pipe in the long direction. Among them are: conical steel pipe, outer ladder-shaped steel pipe, inner ladder-shaped steel pipe, periodic cross-section steel pipe, corrugated steel pipe, spiral steel pipe, steel pipe with heat sink and the barrel of double track.

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