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Hot extrusion and stamping of the forming process of stainless steel elbow for Flour mill
Jun 28, 2018

There are many stainless steel elbow for Flour mill forming process, one is hot push forming, it is the use of special elbow pushing machine, mandrel and heating device, so that the set of billet on the mold under the push of the pushing machine to move forward The process of being heated, expanding, and bending in motion.


The stainless steel elbow made by heat pushing is determined according to the law of constant volume before and after the plastic deformation of metal materials. The diameter of the tube used is smaller than the diameter of the elbow. The deformation process of the blank is controlled by the mandrel, so that the internal arc is The compressed metal flow is compensated to other parts that are thinned due to the expansion, resulting in an elbow with a uniform wall thickness, suitable for mass production.


The other is stamping. The stamping of stainless steel elbow for Flour mill uses a tube blank with an outer diameter equal to that of the elbow and is pressed directly into the mold using a press. Before punching, the tube blank is placed on the lower mold, and the inner core and the end mold are loaded into the tube blank. The upper mold moves downwards to start pressing, and the elbow is formed by the constraint of the outer mold and the supporting function of the inner mold.


Compared with the hot push process, the appearance quality of the stamped stainless steel elbow is not as good as the former, because the outer arc of the stamping elbow is in tension when it is formed, and there is no excess metal in other parts to compensate, so the wall thickness at the outer arc is reduced. Thin about 10%.


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