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Heavy pipe clamp fixing and common materials
Dec 22, 2018

Heavy-duty pipe clamps are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the corresponding standards, including different series types, and the fixed pipe outer diameter is from 6mm to 324mm. Heavy pipe clamps are mainly used for fixed installations of pipelines with high mechanical strength and high vibration. The products are generally applicable to oil, water and gas in metallurgical, petroleum, chemical, engineering machinery, ship and other mechanical hydraulic systems. The fixing of the pipe.


For the time being, heavy duty pipe clamps are used for medium and high pressure (PN ≤ 31.5 MPa) pipe fixing. Depending on the environment and requirements, different materials can be used.


The material composition of heavy-duty pipe clamps that are currently more commonly used is usually: bolt: carbon steel (grade 4.8 or 8.8) / stainless steel (XUS304 or XUS316); cover: carbon steel (galvanized or phosphated) / stainless steel (XUS304 or XUS316); pipe clamp: PP / PA / AL / Q235 / SS304 / XS316; welded bottom plate: carbon steel (galvanized or phosphating) / stainless steel (XUS304 or XUS316); rail nut M10/12/16/20: carbon Steel (galvanized or phosphatized) / stainless steel (XUS304 or XUS316).

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