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Grinding techniques and steps of the stainless steel elbow
May 02, 2018

In the process of forming the stainless steel elbow, the first thing to do is its grinding treatment. The grinding can make the surface of the stainless steel elbow brighten, and it can also remove some forged edges and corners.

1, when grinding the elbow with 80 blade wheel, the black is better, the apprenticeship recommends red, must be slow, can not use the pressure, when grinding as far as possible to flat grinding machine.

2, all of which have been worn over and began to replace the 320 blade grinding wheel again. The 320 mesh grinding wheel must be very meticulous, or the scratch of the 80 mesh grinding wheel will be left.

3. After the 320 mesh blinds are polished, they wax the elbow.

4, and then use the kenaf wheel to continue grinding, then forced to wear, the more force the better.

5, after finishing, remember to clean the wax. It's easier to use some dusts.


Caution: be careful not to be too hasty when grinding. Be careful not to rub the wires. Long-term storage of stainless steel elbow, should be checked regularly, often the surface of the surface must be kept clean, scavenging dirt, clean and clean room in the indoor air drying, no pile or open storage. Always keep the stainless steel elbow dry and ventilate, keep the holder clean and tidy, store according to the exact storage method.


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