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Elbow weld fitting use requirements and process classification
Apr 10, 2018

Elbow welding fittings stamping elbow to a certain extent can effectively change the pipeline direction of the pipe, its high-pressure elbow classification methods are many, according to the production process can be divided into: stamping elbow, casting elbow, high pressure bend First class. The high pressure elbow is mainly used in the turning of high pressure pipelines.

Elbow welding fitting use requirements

1. The electrode must be kept dry during its use. The titanium-calcium type should be dried at 150°C for 1 hour. The low-hydrogen type should be dried at 200-250°C for 1 hour to prevent sticky oil and other contaminants of the electrode. Welds increase carbon content and affect weldment quality.

2. Elbow welding fittings To a certain extent, in order to prevent eye-caused corrosion due to heating, the welding current should not be too large, about 20% less than carbon steel electrode, arc should not be too long, inter-layer cooling, with narrow bead It is appropriate.

3. High-pressure elbow after welding harder, easy to crack. If high pressure elbow welding of the same type is used, preheating at 300°C or more and slow cooling at 700°C after welding must be performed. If the weldment cannot be post-weld heat treatment, the high pressure elbow electrode should be used.

4. Elbow welding accessories In order to effectively improve its corrosion resistance and weldability and appropriate increase in its appropriate amount of stability elements Ti, Nb, Mo, etc., welding higher bending elbows better. When using the same type of chromium stainless steel electrode, preheating above 200°C and tempering around 800°C after welding should be performed. If the weldment cannot be heat treated, a chromium-nickel stainless steel electrode should be used.

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