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Different structural forms of screw conveyor
Oct 02, 2018

The screw conveyor is mainly composed of three parts: the machine body, the inlet and outlet device and the driving device. The body of the screw conveyor is composed of three parts: the head section, the middle section and the tail section. A thrust bearing is mounted in the conveyor head section to receive the axial force, and a bearing shaft is supported in the intermediate section and the tail section. In addition, axially movable radial bearings are included in the tail section to compensate for errors in the length of the screw shaft and to accommodate changes in temperature.


At present, the spiral surface of the screw conveyor can be designed in different structural forms, mainly solid spiral and belt spiral. Flange connection between each screw shaft ensures the interchangeability of the coupling shaft and is convenient for maintenance. The conveyor cover is tile-shaped and clamped on the casing with a cover buckle. If the sealing performance needs to be improved, the user can add waterproof coarse canvas between the cover and the casing.


The corresponding feed port and discharge port are also set in the screw conveyor, and the structural design is different according to the use requirements. When arranging the position of the inlet and outlet of the screw conveyor, care should be taken to ensure the distance from the material to the end, and avoid the contact between the material inlet and the sling bearing oil cup, the casing coupling flange and the base.

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