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Different screen stretching machine features and use of maintenance
May 25, 2018

Screen stretching machine is an indispensable and important equipment for screen printing. With the aid of this device, the screen can be tensioned on the frame with a certain tension. At present, the market mainly includes two types, one is a manual type, and the other is a pneumatic type. The manual stretching machine is further divided into two types, a presser type and a collet type. The cost of this type of equipment is low and it is economical to use.


As a special supporting auxiliary machinery in the screen printing plate making operation, the stretching machine is regarded as an important device of the printing plate carrier. The device can tension the screen with a certain tension on the frame. With the development of the market, fully automatic hydraulic screen machines have also emerged. The degree of automation of this type of screen machine is relatively high, and the application process is highly reflective of high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, and less labor. And many other advantages are being favored by more and more users and become an indispensable tool for high-precision stretching nets.


From the overall analysis, the stretch net body is compact and takes up less space. Moreover, in practical applications, evenly pulling on all four sides enables the screen to be even and smooth, which is a very important auxiliary device for making a screen version. Different types of equipment have different performance characteristics. For example, pneumatic equipment is pneumatically operated and fully closed. At the same time, the same air pressure is supplied for each net clamp, which can provide different tension requirements, and the tension is even. It is more suitable for the production of screen printing screens and high-precision single and double-sided circuit boards.


At present, the mechanical stretcher used in the market is generally made of high-quality steel with high hardness and manufactured with high-quality components. In operation, the user can arbitrarily adjust the size of the frame, while the machine also has the advantages of high stretch tension, uniformity and stability.

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