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difference between steel gate and cast iron gate
Jul 20, 2017

difference between steel gate and cast iron gate
The steel gate is also a kind of gate, it is similar to the ordinary gate, the steel gate also has the hoist and the door leaf as well as the buried piece composition. The main water flow control equipment. So what are the unique advantages of a steel gate? Steel Gate A unique advantage lies in its with a variety of hoist perfect cooperation, water valve settings and special opening and closing settings. These three aspects become a popular factor for steel gates.
The biggest feature of steel gate structure is the use of steel panels and the construction of Men Yeteng heavy structures, which are well combined so that the steel gate can withstand great pressure and pressure. About the role of Steel gate grillage and the role of transverse connection, interested friends can refer to some professional gate manufacturer's website for inquiry.
Compared with cast iron gate, the service life of Steel gate is longer. The two have a great difference in water conservancy construction, and become a good helper in the construction of human industry and industrial production.
Under different conditions, we should correctly choose the gate, the cast iron gate and the steel gate, should pay attention to mastering scientific operation methods and maintenance skills, to ensure the long service life of equipment, the extension of services and the smooth operation of the process.

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