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Difference between stainless steel clamps and pipe clamps
Jun 26, 2018

The connection of stainless steel clamps is a connection method that has emerged in recent years. It is mostly used in fire-fighting pipelines. It is characterized by convenient construction. Stainless steel clamps are used for connection. Although it is easy to assemble and disassemble, it is necessary to weld the matching taper flanges at the ends of the two pipes.


Because the stainless steel clamps are made of high-quality stainless steel materials and are molded with different molding structures and manufacturing processes, they can meet the needs of connecting different types of hoses. And it also has the characteristics of beautiful shape, easy to use, strong hoops, and good sealing performance.


So far, stainless steel clamps have been widely used in vehicles, ships, diesel engines, gasoline engines, machine tools, firefighting, and other mechanical equipment, chemical equipment, general hose, nylon plastic hose, cloth hose, hoses and other interfaces Connection fastening and sealing at the place.


A similar connection method is a tube card, which is mostly used for fixing a pipe and assembling it on a welded plate. Before assembly, in order to better determine the direction of the clip, it is recommended to mark the fixed position first, and then solder the upper part of the tube clip and insert the tube to be fixed. Then put the other half of the body and cover, tighten with screws.

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