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Description of the structural composition design of the positive pressure gas valve of the flour mill
Sep 19, 2018

The positive pressure gas valve of the flour mill has the advantages of stable and rapid gas supply, small volume and light weight in use, and is safe and reliable in use. The function of the positive pressure gas valve of the flour mill is to reduce the medium pressure air output from the pressure reducing valve to the mask again, the pressure is slightly higher than the normal pressure, and the mask always maintains a slight positive pressure. The product design is user-friendly, similar to the way a person holds an empty fist and feels comfortable.


Moreover, due to the reasonable structural design, the operation is faster and more accurate, and the body size is small, which can provide a larger field of view. On-demand gas supply, the gas supply can exceed 500 liters / minute, even in the case of strenuous exercise, the wearer can easily breathe the user's praise. The medium pressure pipe in the positive pressure gas valve of the flour mill is a three-layer fabric reinforced rubber hose. The inner layer and the outer layer are aging resistant flame retardant rubber, and the middle layer is a fabric woven layer to enhance the hardness of the hose. It and the quick connector form an air outlet soft conduit with one end connected to the air supply valve and the other end connected to the pressure reducer.


When the quick joint of the positive pressure valve of the flour mill is inserted into the joint seat, the lock mechanism is opened to allow the gas to enter the air supply valve. The good design also requires the quick joint to have a self-locking function, and once the joint is connected to the joint seat, the self-locking can be formed. Will not open unconsciously.

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