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Common quality problems of pushing pipe fittings
Apr 25, 2018

The quality of delivery of elbow fittings is mainly related to the following aspects:

First, the wall thickness of the pipe is uneven

The unequal thickness of the wall thickness of the bent pipe is mainly in the parts of the maximum deformation of the pipe, such as the wall of the elbow on the back of the elbow, and the wall thickness of the pipe body and the pipe body. According to the relevant national standards, it is difficult to find the common caliper and other measuring tools for the examination of such problems. Only by using the ultrasonic thickness gauge can it be detected.

Two. The hardness exceeds the standard

The problem of super standard hardness of pushing elbow is mainly due to the heat treatment process after forming. The solution is to use the correct heat treatment process to heat treatment again.

Three, defects produced in the process of material and processing

Pushing the elbow is the most harmful to the safety of the device. The factors that produce the defects are more and more complicated. It has defects as well as the defects of the material itself and the process of processing and the incorrectness of the heat treatment process.

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