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Classification of stainless Steel Tee
Jul 20, 2017

The stainless steel tee is a pipe fitting for the pipe branch.

According to the pipe diameter classification
1, equal-diameter tee: The supervisor and the pipe diameter of the same tee 2, reducer tee: the diameter of the branch pipe is smaller than the diameter of the tee

Sort by Docking form
1, Butt-Welding tee: is connected with the pipe fittings after welding three-way pipe fittings.
2, Socket-type tee: is to plug the connecting pipe into the end of the three-way welding or weld the pipe fittings.
3, card sleeve three-way: is the end of the card sets of joints, the tube inserted after the fastening of the three-way pipe fittings. 4, Thread-type tee: Connecting pipe fittings with threaded way.

Classification according to the form of branch pipe
1, the three-way: is the branch of the vertical head of the tee pipe.
2, Oblique tee: Is the branch pipe and the supervisor has a certain angle of the three-way pipe fittings.

The general low pressure stainless steel can be made on the pipe, but the high pressure piping must be made by the finished product.

The fabrication process of stainless steel tee is a kind of forming process which is compensated by the axial compensation of the metal material. The process is to use a dedicated hydraulic machine, the liquid is injected into the Tube billet equal to the tee diameter, and the volume of the Tube billet is reduced after being squeezed by synchronizing the two horizontal cylinders of the hydraulic press, and the liquid in the Tube billet becomes smaller with the volume of the tube, and the pressure rises when the billet is not When the pressure of the three-wire pipe is expanded, the metal material is flowing along the inner cavity of the mould and the branch pipe is expanded under the double action of the liquid pressure in the side cylinder and the tube billet.

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