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Cast iron gates often maintained to prolong service life
Jul 20, 2017

A gate that is operated or used for a long time, often with some defects or faults, for example: Steel gate corrosion; gate operation attack obstruction (from the door leaf displacement, the door leaf deformation, the walk support installs the spirit and so on reason formation), the gate stops the water to drop the effect, the leakage is serious, the door leaf and the buried part is due to the cavitation, the corrosion, the abrasion and These defects or problems such as not real-time disposal, cleaning, serious will affect the safe operation of the gate. Therefore, in the operation of governance not only to pay attention to the task situation, real-time protection and maintenance, but also the maintenance of the gate on schedule.
The metal parts of the steel structural gate and the steel-wood structure gate shall be treated on schedule for antirust and antiseptic treatment. There are two kinds of corrosion protection methods, such as coating maintenance and metal spraying maintenance. Before the protection disposal, must carefully do the appearance derusting, commonly used method has the artificial shovel, uses the steel wire brush, the sand blasting derusting and so on. Require the addition of old paint and rust, rust, oil, dust and acid, salt residue, and then with a loose spray nasal water or turpentine to scrub once, so that the full exposure of the gray-white metal nature, and adhere to dry, there is a certain degree of rough, the final coating to have the necessary diluent to reach the appropriate consistency, to facilitate the construction operation.

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