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Bottom vibrating discharger structure improvement benefits
Jan 05, 2019

The Bottom vibrating discharger belongs to the field of grain machinery and has strong breaking force and good sealing. The material stored in the silo is easy to cause arching due to the adhesion between the pressure and the particles of the material and the cohesive force, which causes the material to be clogged and affects normal production. Unresolved this issue requires improvements to the device.


After the structural improvement, the Bottom vibrating discharger not only has a more compact and reasonable overall structural layout, but also runs more stably and reliably, and is easy to maintain. The upper cylinder and the lower cylinder are elastically connected by a soft connecting body, and the stable operation and horizontal reset of the lower cylinder are ensured by the return spring and the reset screw, and the reset screw and the upper and lower connecting flanges of the upper and lower cylinders are disposed between There is a cushion so that the vibration of the lower barrel is both durable and no noise.


With the operation of the Bottom vibrating discharger, the pressure relief cylinder in the upper cylinder changes the flow direction of the material, and the pressure of the soft joint between the upper and lower cylinders of the discharger is reduced, thereby ensuring the overall sealing performance of the equipment and improving The service life of the soft connector. The broken arch in the lower cylinder improves the flow performance of the material and stabilizes the

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