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Bottom vibrating discharger runs smoothly and is light
Nov 28, 2018

The Bottom vibrating discharger is a widely used product. The Bottom vibrating discharger is mainly composed of a cone bucket, a pneumatic flapper valve, a shroud and a vibration motor. Since the pneumatic flapper valve is arranged at the bottom of the silo bin, the cylinder is driven by the cylinder to open the inserting plate to discharge the material inside the unloader only when the unloading is required, thereby avoiding the accumulation of the molding sand in the unloader for a long time.


The vibration motor is arranged in the lower part of the bottom of the Bottom vibrating discharger. During operation, it can be driven at a constant speed, continuously discharging materials according to the control rate, or driving at an indefinite speed, and using the unloader as a feeder. By adopting the principle of planetary rotation, the unloader has the input and output on the same axis, and has the uniqueness of being directly connected with the motor. Therefore, the compact structure is novel and novel, small in size and light in weight.


Under normal circumstances, the Bottom vibrating discharger has the advantages of reliable and stable operation, low noise, less failure, long service life, etc., and has good performance and high wear resistance. The Bottom vibrating discharger has strong overload capability and low impact inertia moment, which can meet the requirements of frequent starting and reverse rotation.

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