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Basic structure and types of diverter and price related factors
Aug 24, 2017

[] the overview of diverter, you may not know, so, it is necessary to know about this, also can get some professional knowledge, from and at the same time, to become familiar with it, so, even if encountered in the practical work, to know what it is, but not in this respect is a blank.

1., what's the use of the diverter? What is its basic structure?

The utility model is used for conveying materials, and the utility model can be used in different kinds according to the technical requirements. The specific application of the utility model is to change the conveying direction of materials so as to obtain the desired effect. As for the basic structure of the diverter, mainly there are diverter, door panels, door panels, pumping and swinging rod, etc. These are very important components, so they are indispensable.

测合流 (2).JPG

diversion valve

2. sets of diverter, according to the driving force of the points, what kind of specific?

If the utility model is classified according to the driving force, the utility model is mainly provided with three manual shifting diverters, an electric driven diverter and a pneumatic shifting diverter. Wherein, the electric shifting diverter is that the motor moves the screw motion into a straight line through a screw drive mechanism, thereby. Turn it into the valve plate swing, so that you can open and close the valve, so that the diverter work smoothly.

3. what are the specific types of three - way diverter in the diverter? Besides, what are the uses and characteristics of the pneumatic diverter?

The utility model relates to a three way poking diverter in a diverter, which has four forms of air, power, hand and vibration. And pneumatic diverter, which is used for feed and food processing plants in the process of material delivery, such as opening and closing and reversing. The utility model has the advantages that the structure is simple, the volume is small, and the operation and the use are convenient, and the three are mainly.

4. what is the angle of the discharge tube in the diverter? And what about the price of the diverter?

The discharge pipe in the diverter has a certain angle, and in particular, there are two kinds of 45 degrees and 60 degrees. As to which one to choose, it depends on the actual situation and needs, and the oil is decided by them. As for the price of the diverter, the related factors are the quantity used, the quality of the products, and the manufacturers.

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