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Basic principles and technical requirements of Prefabricated spoutings processing
Apr 12, 2018

In the process of processing, in order to ensure the actual application effect, the Prefabricated spoutings  should follow these two basic principles: 1. It is necessary to establish a corresponding production site according to the use quantity and site conditions, and then perform processing according to the single-line drawing of the pipe segment; 2. Prefabricated flow The depth of pipe should be based on the principle of proper handling and installation, and welding, non-destructive testing and heat treatment with conditions must be completed.


In addition, during the processing of Prefabricated spoutings , prefabrication must also be carried out in strict accordance with the single-line drawing of the pipe section, and the technical requirements for the construction technical scheme and special process technology documents should be met. In the section of cutting and cutting of the prefabricated pipe section, the prefabrication of the pipe section should be carried out by means of concentrated cutting to increase the utilization of the material and increase the number of welds.


Usually the material of the prefabricated tube is cut by mechanical means. If cutting is performed with oxyacetylene flame or plasma method, the cutting surface is polished with a grinding wheel to expose the metal luster after cutting. The cutting surface of stainless steel must be polished with a special grinding wheel; the pipe and fittings with hardened tendency are used for the cutting surface. After the grinding wheel passed the penetration test.


It should be noted that these quality requirements should be met during the cutting and cutting process: 1. The cut surface of the prefabricated tube should be smooth, free of cracks, burrs, bumps, slag, and scale; 2. The deviation of the incision at the end of the tube It must not exceed 1% of the outer diameter of the pipe and must not exceed 3mm. 3. The groove of the prefabricated pipe section must be processed according to the construction drawings or design documents.


In addition, if it is a butt-joint groove for components of unequal thickness of prefabricated pipe sections, the inner wall of the prefabricated flow pipe shall be kept flush, and the amount of misalignment of the pipe wall shall not exceed 10% of the thickness of the thin-walled pipe. Keep within two millimeters.

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