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Automatic Two-way Valve use and maintenance precautions
Jan 04, 2019

The installation and use of the Automatic Two-way Valve should follow certain procedures. The first step is to select the appropriate Automatic Two-way Valve diameter according to the flow rate required. If the valve diameter exceeds 10mm, the hydraulic Automatic Two-way Valve or electrohydraulic Automatic Two-way Valve should be used. Do not exceed the rated pressure and flow limit specified in the manufacturer's sample during use to avoid malfunction.


When making installation connections, follow the principles of harmonization and choose the appropriate installation connection. According to the requirements of automation level and the working environment of the host, the appropriate control method of the Automatic Two-way Valve is selected. For example, industrial equipment hydraulic system, because the work site is fixed, and there is a stable power supply, it is usually necessary to use electromagnetic Automatic Two-way Valve or electrohydraulic Automatic Two-way Valve.


If working in a field environment, it is recommended to choose a manual Automatic Two-way Valve. If the environmental conditions are more severe, such as wet equipment, such as humidity, high temperature, high pressure, corrosive gas, etc., in order to ensure the safety of personal equipment, you can consider the use of air-controlled hydraulic Automatic Two-way

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