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Application fields and assembly precautions for Zinc plated pipe clamp
Oct 11, 2018

The Zinc plated pipe clamp has high strength and high temperature resistance and can be used for pipes with high pressure and high temperature. The product is simple in structure, sturdy and durable, and is the preferred component for pipeline construction. It should be noted that the galvanized pipe clamp should be stored in a dry place during storage. Do not stack in a cold, humid place to avoid rust or oxidation.


The application range of Zinc plated pipe clamp is wide. Combined with the current situation, the product can be used for fixed pipelines of oil, water and gas in metallurgical, petroleum, chemical, vehicle, ship, electric power and other mechanical hydraulic systems. Light series pipe clamps are suitable for medium and low pressure pipe fixing.


When assembling, it is recommended to mark the fixing point before assembly so that the direction of the Zinc plated pipe clamp can be better determined. After the mark is fixed, the welding is welded, the lower half of the pipe body is inserted, and the pipe to be fixed is placed. Then put the other half of the tube body and cover and tighten with screws. Do not directly solder the bottom plate of the pipe clamp.

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